Designer & Coder

All Things WordPress Since 2007

WordPress, HTML5, CSS 3, Photoshop, jQuery, mySQL, PHP, JavaScript, Responsive Coding, Technical SEO, Structured Data/Schema.org, Page Speed

What I Do

WordPress Expert

With over 15 years experience, I bring expert level WordPress knowledge to the table. Technical Search Engine Optimization, Structured Data, Plugin Configurations & Customization, Theme Customization, Responsive Coding, and Database Maintenance are just some of the skills I possess. 

Web Coder

Web Builders such as Elementor and Divi are becoming increasingly popular and there are many who don’t know how to write actual code. I am well versed in a few programming languages such as HTML, CSS and PHP. Knowing how to hand-code gives me ultimate customization control.

Graphic Designer

That’s right, I am a double threat. I can code AND do graphic design. Photoshop is my primary tool for graphic design of logos, website graphics, photo editing, business cards, and other print materials. I also create website mockups that show how a website will look before I build.

What I've Built